Community Projects

Orphans & Vulnerable Children Program

Little did we realise when Dr Peter Nalos and Bob Bell from Valley Bible fellowship asked how and where they could do some good for the children of Cradock that we would embark on this journey.

The local Cradock mission Statement:

  1. Aids patients,
  2. Vulnerable children and orphans

We at Tam Safaris are involved in the latter.

With the aid of contributions, financially and otherwise Tam Safaris and our hunting friends make a great difference to the lives of 158 children in Cradock. These youngsters aged from two to sixteen have their lives affected in various ways through the Aids pandemic. There are caregivers that visit the homes of these children to evaluate and check on their daily lives. The kids are driven to the care center (30 on a day, weekdays) where they are given lunch, play, sing and read stories to.

Unfortunately all other outside, government and other financial assistance for the children has ceased through lack of funds. Tam Safaris at this time is responsible for the total running of this project. Payment of caregivers, driver, fuel, clothing for children and food at care center for children. The income from two rhino darted hunts help contribute as do the generosity of our hunting friends. The Tam Family was also responsible for purchasing the care center for Hospice.

A great big thank you our hunting friends from the Orphans and Vulnerable Children of the Cradock Hospice Program. Hunters do make a difference.

SCI Safari Care Blue Bag: A volunteer healthcare and humanitarian outreach program serving people in need in remote communities around the globe. Click here to visit the Blue Bag Page.