• You guys (and girls) are the greatest! Food fun and fellowship were superb. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. We look forward to next time.

    ~ Harry and Ed Seratt (Memphis, TN)
  • Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. We had a girls hunt and enjoyed our stay tremendously!

    ~ Victoria C Davidson (Anchorage, AR)
  • I could not find a better place in this world, you have a piece of Heaven on earth. Everything was fantastic! I will be remembering this all my life. All of you were a pleasure to be around.

    ~ Christopher Arch (Monroe, NY)
  • Thank you from the depths of our hearts for the experience of a life time. You have made us feel like family. The lodge, food and animals are five star.

    ~ Dave & Mary Lynn West (Perris, CA)
  • There are thresh-hold moments in life we always remember, this is one of them! Irvin is a gentleman of the highest grace and standards. Peter has a fearlessness as a PH that is majestic to watch.

    ~ David Sefton & Lean Collins (Austin,Tx)
  • This has been one of the greatest adventures I've had. Thank you to all the Tam's for a first class safari! You made it so special as you are great people and a wonderful family.

    ~ Albert A Wolfe (Pilot Point,TX)
  • This was the best time ever. The whole family thought it was beyond fun. The Tam's really have the whole experience down, from the hunting to treating you like family. They opened theirs hearts and home to us, we have great new friends. Stephen is a great PH and we will be back.

    ~ Jeff, Deb, Jaden & Jonas Jonson (Bismarck, ND)
  • Is this heaven? The best of both worlds: great adventure, animals as well as great people. We had a wonderful experience.

    ~ Jerry and Jay Edgington (Farmington, UT)
  • Your team is one of a kind, thank you for all the wonderful memories. We sincerely appreciate the extra mile you go to make everything so special.

    ~ Cosme and Rosalyna Lopez (Glendale, AZ)
  • What an amazing adventure! What an amazing family, the Tam's sure know how to treat their guests! Many thanks to Irvin, Therese, Peter, Stephen and Henriette.

    ~ Mark and Julianne King (Houston,TX)
  • Mahalo for a great Safari and for making me feel like part of the family! You truly have a "Heaven on earth" God bless.

    ~ Leonard Tanaka (Hilo, Hawaii)
  • What a fabulous week with a family that truly loves life. Thank you Irvin, Therese, Peter, Stephen sister Michelle and Henriette for the many great trophies and stories to remember for a lifetime. From all these these accolades in this visitors book; experience of a life time, first class, 5 star, great friendship, wonderful hospitality, great food, excellent accommodation and fearless and knowledgeable PH's etc etc, I certainly say "Ditto" to them all. I hope our paths cross many times in the future. See you in January.

    ~ Lance Gardner (Crownsville, ML)
  • I would like to thank Stephen and his whole family and staff for a wonderful Safari. These memories will be with me forever. Stephen is an amazing PH, the food, service and hunting was exceptionally good. My "crazy" dad and I will return soon and hopefully get my mom and sister to come along.

    ~ Caroline Pruitt (Nacogdoches, TX)
  • "5 Star Perfection" beyond my expectations, this safari was perfect! No item was forgotten- every desire was fullfilled. We plan on bringing our family, all our kids and parents. What a blast! Two of my Big five in one trip. Thank you Tam Safaris.

    ~ Kimberly Terk Murphy (San Antonio, TX)
  • Three generations of Ingersoll hunters. The Rhino hunts were fantastic! Darting gave a whole new experience in Big game hunting. "The Lion"provided us with a true fair chase thrill. Beautiful animals, wonderful food and hospitality. Peter is an exceptional PH, so patient and great at stalking. Henriette added such warmth to the trip, thank you for a magical Safari.

    ~ Gary and Buffie Ingersoll/ Jason and J.R Ingersoll (Houston, TX.)
  • Wanda - My first trip to Africa was way more fun than expected. What a thrill for Bob to get such a magnificent Lion. The family truly enjoyed every part of the Safari. We appreciate your wonderful hospitality.

    ~ Bob and Wanda Lange, Tina and grandchildren (Glenwood, MN)
  • Steve - A dream come true- the completion of my Big 5 with an exciting Rhino (dart) hunt. The Tam family is very special- it's more than an outstanding hunting experience, it's an adoption into their family. Peter is Mature beyond his young age, very professional and with a very sharp wit. Irvin's passion for Africa and preservation of indigenous wildlife is unmatched by any other Safari company in Africa.

    ~ Steve Miller (Murphy, TX)
  • Once again our time here with you has been the experience of a lifetime. We love you all and everyday is such an adventure. The food is extraordinary, the little touches are thoughtful and the fun and laughter is what makes it feel like our second home. We can't wait for our third Safari with you- it won't be soon enough!

    PS- We have known the Tam's for seven years. This visit was better than the last- and the last was one of the greatest experiences we have had in Africa. This was more than a hunting trip or vacation, it's one of life's memories, we will cherish it forever.

    ~ David Sefton and Leann Collins (Austin, TX)
  • What an amazing Safari! We had so much fun and shot some huge trophies. This hunt was nothing like we expected, in that it was a great family vacation and not just a hunt. It is a great place to bring a family and even non-hunters. Thank you to our two PH's Peter and Rudi, you guys are the best.

    ~ Nic, Jake, Brent and Kevin and Debra Atkinson (Northville, MI)
  • I took 14 animals on this amazing Safari. I got everything I came for and all of the highest quality. I could not have asked for anything more from the amazing Tam family. Stephen you and your family are the greatest and I will have no problem recommending this fine operation to anyone. The staff was second to none. I loved hunting with Elwin and John, these guys are true professional trackers in anyones book. I shall be back!!

    ~ Dennis Campbell (Birmingham, AL)
  • Peter and family, I have travelled all over the world. This trip was the best ever and by far! Your warmth, sincerity, hospitality and genuine care was world class. My kids were treated like family and Peter and Stephen were like brothers. The hunting hospitality and care was remarkable, the attention to detail, the warm friendship and the smiles on everyones faces. We will see you soon.

    ~ Craig, Cody and Cameron Cavalier (Houston,TX)
  • An amazing vacation. The Tam family and staff exceeded our expectations in every way. Stephen is an incredible PH. We look forward to hunting with him again. He is a true joy to be around.

    ~ Eric and Kathy Schnelle (Cheyenne, WY)
  • Outstanding adventure! The Tam family was extremely friendly and accommodating. Henriette was wonderful. Stephens excellence helped Bob's hunting dreams come true. First class operation.

    ~ Bob and Nancy Caldemeyer (Boerne, TX)
  • Veronica - Our second with Tam Safaris with Peter as my PH. I shot my first animal with him, a blue wildebeest. This time I started on the Big 5 and shot my ginger/black manned Lion!! What an awesome experience, it felt like we came home.

    ~ Martin and Veronica Kosich (Catskill, NY)
  • What our wonderful time we had on this Safari. This was our first visit to Africa, our PH- Rudi was brilliant every step of the way. Thank you to our hosts the Tam Family. We have already planned our next trip back in 2013 and cant wait to visit again. Lion and plains game this trip, buffalo next year.

    ~ Rusty and Lisa Janssen (New Orleans, LA)
  • Thank you to the Tam Safari Family for an exciting Adventure. Their hospitality, friendship and memories will remain with us forever. Stephen is an outstanding PH and led Mike to a world class Lion and Rhino.

    ~ Mike and Kathy Thompson (Noblesville, IN)
  • Great hunt! After fifty five Safaris, one of my best hunts yet. This is a wonderful place.

    ~ Bill Jones (Birmingham, AL)
  • Words cant express the warmth your family has shown our family on this Safari. The stuff dreams are made of. A lion of my dreams and my son had the best first Safari any hunter could wish for! We will be back shortly. Cheers, Jay

    ~ Jay, Heather, Colton and Caylee Cohea (Sinton, TX)
  • Yvonne - I was so looking forward to my 4th trip to this wonderful continent. The Tam experience has far exceeded my hopes and expectations. We laughed, we lived, we loved and we leave better human beings for this experience

    ~ Yvonne Miller (Murphy, TX)
  • Hi Stephen, I received my trophies yesterday. You said about two months and in two month the trophies arrived! Six months was the previous record time for receiving trophies from Africa; two years plus the longest time. In all respects Tam Safaris has delivered on every commitment made. Thanks again.

    ~ Terry McVey (Cambridge,OH)
  • Peter

    Thanks so much to you and your team for your tremendous hospitality during our recent safari and your annual support of the NRA/ILA Auction. You and your family are an important part of the NRA family. Your commitment better enables us to carry out our mission to promote and protect hunting, wildlife conservation and the firearms that allow us to do so.

    We look forward to working with you in the future.

    Wayne Sheets

    ~ Wayne Sheets (Executive Director, The NRA Foundation)
  • Steven,

    I want to thank you for the hunt of a lifetime. You are one hell of a hunter, tracker, cook, picture taker, coffee maker, driver, pilot, and I am sure I am forgetting another skill set. Your friend.

    Darrel Sterling (New York, NY)

    ~ Darrel Sterling

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